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My journey of becoming financial independence by 35 years old


Most people just put a link, how’s about I do a little summaries on each of the blogs, the way I see them

Update 1/9/16 – Will take off blogs that no longer active. 2016 marked another year where financial bloggers are dropping out like flies. Road to freedom is no easy feast!

DividendGrowthCenter – He has a comprehensive list of dividend investors and their newest articles. If you’re not included in his list you should have him added on to your list. It’s kind of cool to have a quick look of what’s going on in the blogsphere.

Extreme early retirement – this guy is a bit extreme for me, but what he says do make sense. Can’t go against a guy PhD brain.

No None Sense Landlord – Eric is a very inspiring guy. By becoming a landlord and managing properties, his income is now exceeding his full time income 6-figures income. He also offers free landlord forms for beginner. His blog is very good reads. You can tell he’s a very good guy. I want to hang out and learn from him.

Freedom Thirty Five – This is my favorite guy. He’s still in his 20s and manages to build an asset of $1 million with an average middle class income. He starts out from scratch with very little help from his parents. He understands the fundamental of leveraging at such a young age. I had a great mentor growing up, I should have follow what my mentor said to do. There is something about when you see people spell their number out so that you can finally see the theory in action.

Dividend Hut – He’s been investing since 1988, through many rises and falls. Now, he’s concentrating on dividend stocks and REITs. That just says something about this wealth building method – it works! And experienced investors are going for it.

Million Endeavour – Jeff has a 7 years plan to become a millionaire. It sounds ambitious. A few years ago, I’d think he’s too cocky. But after reading his plan, and many have done it and they showed the steps that they’ve achieved it. It think it’s a very reasonable plan. I’ll keep coming back to see how he’s doing over time.

Forever Financial Freedom –  B, a 29 years old from Singapore on his path to FI by 35 years old married with kid. His method would work well since there are 2 of them: initial investment of $100K, then injecting $60K every year, plus compounding dividend income at $0 taxes. By 2020 projected account will swell to $1.4 mil and dividend income to $85K. Nice! I’ll be following his blog to see where his family will go from here.

There’s Value – It’s a team of husband and wife. We have the same model. It looks like they live a very moderate lifestyle to control expense, stocks, housing, and eco-house. You got to love us young people. Even with children, they seem to be very energetic and ready to take on this journey.

Humblefi – Inspired by other PF bloggers, he set out to start his own FI in 10 years. He lives in high cost living location, so his retirement house would cost $1 mil – ouchy! Will check back with him to see his progress, how he can wiggle his way through.

Retire at 50 – a Swiss couple who have the goal to retire in 10 years. They come from different horizons, but meet in the middle with frugal lifestyle and traveling goal. They keep themselves accountable by blogging their journey on expense and income. I think they can make it before the 10 years.

Dividend Dream – Investment Hunting– this family has been through a lot from the dot com bubble to the financial and housing market crash. He now follows the SMART rule to set his goal for investing. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time base = smart. This really helps beginner ans seasoned investors  to be on track, and steer away from lust, greed and speculation on investing.


Tawcan – Canadian husband and wife team with a champion dividend portfolio. They do it efficiently with REIT and dividend paying stocks. As you know, REIT dividend is taxed at a regular income rate. And qualified dividends are charge at 0%, 10% and 15% rate. So by them buying their REITs and put in US equivalent to Roth IRA, they are saving tons of money. Right of the bat, you can learn so much from them and their wisdom can take you far. Such as an article they wrote about Stepping into Complete Darkness.

  • The Tawcan also have a brand new cooking website called Three More Bites. There is a lot of great cooking tips and recipe. I love Scandinavian and Korean Food. What’s a combo.

Dividend Dreamer – To me, he has already reached financial freedom. 1. He spends a lot of time with his children school and sport activities. 2. No longer a corporate worker. 3. Own a big rental business, 4. have humongous dividend growth and growth stock portfolio. I’m hoping to read more about his success story, he also share a lot of wisdom as my taxes getting more complicated. It is nice to have a go-to person.

My dividend growth – Ryan is a 31 yo producer from the Midwest (I’m also from the Midwest). Since, his job and salary fluctuate, he’s looking into dividend paying stock to smooth out income, saving for the rainy day. What I like most is each time he made a buy, he’d do a very extensive research. His presentation is really thorough, full of charts and so you can assess to see if why he’s buying into a stock. I’d come back to his website to see what’s he’s up to, because I don’t want to miss anything.

Financial Samurai – He is an ex-GS advisor. I like his writing style and content. He doesn’t offer stock advice. With $200K/year or more in post-retirement income, he’s done everything right financially.

Live off my dividend – Michael, 27 yo healthcare professional begin his dividend portfolio from $30k initial investment. His goal is to build enough passive income to not only to survive but to live by the age of 40.

Dividend Empire Ken, an Oncology Research Scientist and experienced options trader who recently transitioned to dividend growth investing. His goal is to build a dividend growth portfolio (the Dividend Empire) that will compound over many generations and support my children, grandchildren and beyond. I’ll follow him on this journey to build an empire for his family.

Zero to Zeros – Alex, 24 yo, web-developer who on a quest toward early financial independence, which he aims to achieve by generating an ever-growing stream of passive income, mainly via dividend investing. I’ll keep coming back to see his progress and sharing ideas.

RoadMap2Retire – R2R is in the camp that does not believe in penny pinching and on a fast track to retirement. He believes in enjoying each stage of life while socking away part of his earnings.  His main focus is on investing and growing my passive income while maintaining an enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle. He’s been investing since 2007, he doesn’t afraid to talk about his mistakes so you can learn how to avoid them too. I enjoy his stock analysis as he made his purchases.

Dividend Diplomats – It’s a 2-man team, Bert and Lanny. Their mantra’s says it all “Dividend Reinvesting + Frugal Living = Financial Freedom”. They’ve also have a 60% saving challenge if anyone would like to jump on the Financial Freedom Bandwagon. With the yield of 3.85% their dividend’s payout is very effective. In combination with their massive saving with the lowest month of 48%, and highest month of 62%, I bet these guys will reach financial independence in no time.

Cent of Liberty – An enlisted service member, I salute you. A series of unfortunate events causes him to restart his schooling and career. However, it looks like he has everything uncontrolled and is on the path to financial freedom. With his long list of work experiences, I have much to learn from him.

Div4Son – He started to learn dividend stock investing in August 2014. The goal is to pass the knowledge and experience to his son. It’s great that he would start teaching his son about finance early. I think he’ll leave a great legacy.

Dividend Hustler – Tyler Tran , a 32 years old who is a high income earner who had some weakness from expensive truck and brand name accessories. One day in 2012, he woke up and smell the roses. Since then he has amassed an impressive portfolio of $650K. His goal is to get to a portfolio of $4M to have a “nice cushion”. I’d really like to see how the “rich” do it. Ha

Captain Dividend: Our accounts are pretty similar in term of dividend earning. But he’s very well diversified.

Dividend Hawk: Many thanks to him for sharing my post on Twitter. He’s very successful at dividend accumulation. His blog is very informative.




http://liberte101.com – Steph is a young investor who does it all forex, option, dividends. His blog is in French. I’m glad to have found his website as I begin to understand more and more of what I read. I hope one day, I can start articulate in French. Reading his bog would be my immersion process.


http://race2retirement.com/ – he has a goal to get $3k of income in 3000 days long before he’d reach 40th birthday.



DivGro – FerdiS – his hobby is investing in stocks and options. he read several investment newsletters and manage four personal portfolios using different strategies. Very comprehensive website.

Dividend Growth Bunny – Helped manage his Dad portfolio during the stock crash to increase the portfolio from $400K to $700K, I have much to learn from him.

The Investment Road to Freedom – He’s from Northern california, his road to freedom is through Dividend Growth Stocks, Covered Calls, and Selling Puts

Income Surfer – They made it to FI. I have much to learn from their journey on their blog.

Passive Income Pursuit – JC is Pursuing Early Financial Independence through Dividend Growth Investing and other Passive Income.

Dividend Down Under – 20-something, husband and wife start their journey to FIRE together. It’d be great to follow their journey as they are so young, we’ll see if all the advise about savings early works. They shoot for 45 yo or 50 yo, but if they are continue to invest and save aggressively, I’m sure they will reach FIRE in their early 30s.

Passive Income Dude –  We have similar strategies – rental income and passive income from stock portfolio. Check him out as he owns properties in different States!!


Missing in Action Bloggers:

Felix Money – Money Festo – Husband and wife team that have the same basic model as I do. Save aggressively, multiple stream of income from business, from investment property and from investments of various types. People want to keep it simple in investing, but they’re young. You’re supposed to break away free when you are young. They have recently bought a business, a hair salon. $30K investment and return $800/2 weeks of business, 26% ROI can beat dividend stock any day. I’ll come back to see what type of business they get their hand on, and see if I can duplicate. 😛

Rich Neighbour – I like his mantra – works smart, invests regularly, lives frugally, makes a financial planning and enjoys passive income. Who wouldn’t want that? The key is this guy realize it early, in his Tween.

Free2Retire30 – 22 year old computer science and computer engineering student in California (the right profession, in the right State). He is in his first year of master studies and he works part time as a software engineering intern. Even though he’s still young, but he’s smart. He knows starting early is the key to FI, that’s why his goal of 30 years old.

Stay On Course – The professor. If you are just starting out on your journey, his blog is the place. I’d be interested to continue to come back to see his new contents.

Dutch dividend tree-  he’s literally just starting out and blogging his dividend and tracking his expense, I’ll keep coming back to see how’s he doing. I wish did that at his age.

Dividend Developer – Mark, 23 yo software developer. He might be young, but he’s been investing since he was 14 years old. He wants to track his progress in an easy-to-read and -review format. He wants to make logical and rational investment by lay it all out there on the open.

Dividend mantra – He’s a cool guy. Invests in stock using fundamentals, and Warren Buffett’s style – conservative and consistent. Within 4 years, he goes from negative net worth to almost $200K of net worth. This is pretty awesome to me! Another reason I like him because he invests in 50s different companies, and some company he earns $2-10. Such small numbers, but when you add 20-30 companies. Dang! the number is $600-700/mon. Now, we’re talking! Good stuff, good read. He quit his job to become a full time blogger and writer in April 2014.

Nomorewaffles – 25 years old guy starting out with passive income investing. His style of writing is full of color, it seems like he has a vibrant life while trying to achieve FI.

MoneyMine, Nick, his blog is about personal finance and sharing knowledge that leads all of us to make better financial decisions. Because long term happiness and personal development is the goal. Some of his popular posts are  3 reasons to have a Strategy for Financial Independence and continue with How to get Rich 101: Make your Money work for you. You can also read more about Nick here.

Scones and books – Alexis – she’s a special education teacher, smartest blogger I know with superb video games skills. Her impressive long list of things to do and achievements making me to dig deep.  I would love to play new super Mario bros with her, so I can constantly stay in the bubble and she could just take me through all the levels. Ehhehehe, that would be ideal for me, because I hate dying in video games.

 Mr. Modern millennial – Dylan, a graduate student in an applied science field which would enable him to be creative, flexible, and make a difference. One admirable thing is he is working hard so he will be on track to graduate with no loan. On top of that, he’s also building a small dividend portfolio while also in school. I’ll be following his stock purchases with his extensive research.


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  1. Rich Neighbour
    January 30, 2015

    Nice list, the top 2 links don’t work. Take care!


  2. Vivianne
    January 30, 2015

    Thank you for letting me know. I edit as I go. 😛 There must be something wrong with the theme, because I link them all the same way, reproof all the html codes. It happened with only the first one. No matter who I put on the top. 😛


  3. Lots of great sites on that list. I follow several of them. There is a big difference between being FI and wealthy. Keep up the great work!


    • Vivianne
      February 25, 2015

      Interesting point. Financial independence doesn’t mean wealthy. Hmmm… I guess it’s true. But depend on the person appetite for “wealthy”, some value time, some value assets.


  4. Dividend Dreams
    March 8, 2015

    Great blogroll. The sites listed are great and I follow them as well. I like how you provide information on each blog and blogger.


    • Vivianne
      March 9, 2015

      Thank you for your kind words. I try to be a bit different from other bloggers. 🙂


  5. retiredat50
    March 19, 2015

    Hi Vivianne,

    Thanks for referring us, and perfect summary!




  6. Dividend Dreams
    March 22, 2015

    Hi Vivianne – Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll 🙂


  7. dividenddreamer
    April 13, 2015

    Thanks for the inclusion in your Blogroll. Wow! It feels great knowing some enjoyment is coming from the words I have been writing. Thanks so very much.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer


  8. The Professor
    May 11, 2015

    Hey Vivianne, thanks for adding me. Love reading your blog as well! Hope all is well!


  9. liveoffmydividends
    May 17, 2015

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! The description is a great one!
    Take care


  10. mydividendgrowth
    May 19, 2015

    Very kind link and write up, thank you! Keep up the great content here, I’m enjoying it 🙂


  11. Mr. Modern Millennial
    July 30, 2015

    Thanks for adding me here. It has been great getting to know you.


  12. Dividend Dreams
    September 15, 2015

    Hi Vivianne,

    Lucky me, my blog name of Dividend Dreams is under trademark. So I am being forced to switch URLs. Effective today my new blog is Investmenthunting.com Would you be so kind as to update my URL from dividenddreams.com to investmenthunting.com on your blogroll on your sites?

    Thanks so much.


    • Vivianne
      September 15, 2015

      That’s unfortunate. Would my blog under the same attack? How can we avoid this happening to us again?

      We obviously the first one who registered the website name and all, how can people go from under us and “steal”?

      I guess, I’ve been working hard trying to build a brand for myself, but this causes some uneasy feeling.


  13. Dividend Growth Bunny
    February 29, 2016

    Hi Vivianne, I placed your blog link in my blogroll page. I wish I can write as good as you.


  14. DivHut
    April 26, 2016

    Thank you for including DivHut. Much appreciated!


  15. PassiveIncomeDude
    August 7, 2016

    Would love to be added if you’re willing!
    Passive Income Dude


  16. Team CF
    November 17, 2016

    With your ongoing real estate efforts, you might also want to look at afford anything. She’s retired on real estate only. Lot of good info on her site.


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