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December Dividend/Passive Income

Happy New Year, again! LOL 🙂

Hope everyone have a good new year so far. For me, I was off to a great start. I had the renovation project going on during the Christmas holiday. I closed the building on December, 20th, 2016 and I’ve been working on renovation ever since.

It has been a humbling experience thus far as many of the guys I hired work through the holidays just like I did. I’m grateful even with all the hic-up that we’ve encountered, one by one we solved the puzzle. To retrofit a building that was built in 1915 into something modern and tasteful and matches today’s living standard was/is a challenge.

Acting a contractor and judging a fulltime job, I still encounter some bad apples out there as my main guy was pulled to do other job. Some of the problems:

*my materials got stolen

*tools got stolen

*not finishing out the job

*not showing up for work

Nonetheless, I’m still grateful of what we’ve accomplished so far. Mr.W has been sick with a month long cold that hasn’t seem to go away. And his sciatic nerve is acting up. But I don’t know why men don’t go to the doctor??!! Anyhow, as my days blend with nights, I’m hardly able to take good care of myself, let alone taking care of Mr.W.

The weather has been mostly favorable, but we’ve encountered rain and snow that delayed our progress, but I hope after this weekend, hopefully I can put most of the big project like hole in the wall healing, water bursting, water meter flooding, toilet installation, floor installation, and other outdoor maintenance and fixing and patching, behind me.

I’ve been showing the apartment for rent. I got a lot of feedbacks, but I’m confident with my $300-600 lower than the current market, I’ll get the units rented.

Now, back to dividend. I’ve sold most of my position, however, I was still getting dividend because I sold them after the ex-dividend date. So, here goes:

12/29/2016 GILDPopup GILEAD SCIENCES INC 122916 10 $4.70
12/16/2016 FLOPopup FLOWERS FOODS INC 121616 50 $8.00
12/15/2016 CCPopup CHEMOURS CO 121516 2 $0.06
12/13/2016 BANK DEPOSIT SWEEP 121316 $0.41
12/12/2016 CTLPopup CENTURYLINK INC 121216 20 $10.80
12/12/2016 DHIPopup D R HORTON INC 121216 20 $2.00
12/1/2016 FPopup FORD MOTOR COMPANY 120116 173 $25.95
12/1/2016 WFCPopup WELLS FARGO & CO NEW 120116 530 $201.40

$253.32 is wonderful. It’s the money I didn’t have to work for. LOL 🙂

rental income after expense: $700

Total for December: $953.32

2016 Dividend:

  • January: $134.54
    February: $241.38
    March: $878.07
    April: $141.29
    May: $47.75
    June: $744.26
    July: $32.57
    August: 60.95
    September: 877.97
  • October:765.66
  • November: 754.68
  • December: 953.32
    Total: $6232.32

This totally exceeded my passive income goal I’ve set in Jan 2016. I even looking forward to 2017 more. We have a trip coming up in 3 weeks, so whatever the renovations plan I have going on, it needs to be finished as I don’t want to get calls while I’m in the Island.


7 comments on “December Dividend/Passive Income

  1. Investment Hunting
    January 13, 2017

    Nice job on the dividends and rental income. Bummer about your materials and tools. In my past life as a landlord, i had a few sites vandalized and items stolen too. It sucks.


  2. Buy, Hold Long
    January 13, 2017

    Well done on the semi-passive income. I hope to achieve this one day too. All the best for 2017.


  3. DivHut
    January 13, 2017

    Looks like you had a very nice December in terms of passive income between rent and dividends. I enjoy reading your updates about owning a rental property and all the joys and headaches that go along with ownership. For me it just seems like a lot of work. There’s no doubt that you can create a nice little real estate empire over time but it takes a lot of work. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Team CF
    January 14, 2017

    Wow, those are some serious setbacks! Hope it goes smoother in the coming weeks.
    Pretty decent yearly passive income for 2016. Confident you will beat that in 2017!


  5. humblefi
    January 14, 2017

    Nice! 2017 will be the first full year of mostly rental income right? I am sure the money will be more and also it will be more passive….initial setup seems like a lot of work for you…but it should get more passive once you rent it out.

    Best wishes for an awesome 2017!


  6. Dividend Diplomats
    January 15, 2017

    Always sad to see some dividend income go away, especially that large check you received from wells fargo. I’m sorry to read about the setbacks in your place and that is definitely unfortunate. But it sounds like you are continuing to march through and keep your eyes on the finish line. Congrats on beating your goal in 2016 as well. Hopefully 2017 starts off strong!



  7. dividendsandhobbies
    January 16, 2017

    Awesome job. Those rentals really help the passive income


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