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Another Week of Landlording

One of my tenant in the triplex has moved out. She systematically not paying on time and finally using the deposit was leverage for her last month. It’s all good as Mr. And I are now sharing the 2600sqft house together after I open up my the door on the triplex to become duplex again. My shortterm income will decrease quite a bit, but it shouldn’t affect my financial situation too much as Mr.W is sharing some of the cost.

On the 4-plex front, I’ve been replacing 2 dryers and a washer on top of fixing my own washer. It has been crazy to say the lease.

One of the unit, they have a washer and dryer all in one, a tiny machine fitting underneath the counter, to replace the thing, I’d have to fork out $1000, which I didn’t want to. So I set to saw out the countertop, repaint it. Then put in a new washer. It dragged on and on for over a week, with multiple trips to Lowes trying to find the right washing machine, parts that comes with it, as Lowes refuse to install without new line.

Here is some pix. If you’re interested.

The first picture is of the old washer/dryer.

The second picture is the new one that doesn’t fit.

I forgot to take the finished job. I was too exhausted.

Exciting news, BAC has a strong run up. Which I’m happy to cash out and stay in cash position, I’d like to take this opportunity to reshuffle my account for higher yields as it’s approaching the $300k mark.

It’s exciting time as less than a year ago, I was crossing the $200k mark trying to $300k before cashing out to buy the rental property.

That’s it, back to landlording. This pass weeks has felt like I’m working 2 fulltime jobs. But I’m praying for things to get quieter so I can move forward.

This weekend, we’ve signed up to rake leaves for the elderly people who aren’t able to clean the yard by themselves. I cut off the trees in my yard thinking we’ve have a break this fall, but I guess it’s open up opportunity to help out others. I’m happy to spend outdoor time with Mr.W this weekend.


2 comments on “Another Week of Landlording

  1. Team CF
    November 17, 2016

    Have a great weekend! Glad to read that you guys are still doing OK with landlording and investing.


  2. Dividend Diplomats
    November 20, 2016

    Sounds like another month with your hands full. Hang in there! Hopefully you can find a new tenant so you can increase your cashflow again.



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