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12 Stocks to get Dividend Every Month – Two Strategies

12 Stocks to get Dividend Every Month – Strategies on how to select a dividend paying stock

We all want to smooth out our dividend income, there are so many quality companies that consistently paying dividend quarterly or monthly. But it will be a hit and miss if you don’t have a strategy. So, I’ve come up with 2 strategies.

Strategy number one – Select company from the Ex Dividend Date Calendar

You to to this website, it will display a ex dividend calendar date, and different company that have already declared dividend on coming up month. This strategy will work when you have extra money to invest or reinvest. As long as you buy the stock 1 day prior to the ex dividend date, you will get a dividend on the coming up 1-4 weeks. There are a few companies to choose from. The greatest benefit is your money will work for you in the near future, instead of buying something that has just paid a dividend, then you’ll have to wait for a full 3 months.

Strategy number two – I have select 12 dividend paying stocks and ETFs that I have pans out for the year. If you happen you use one of the brokerage that let you buy a group of stocks for a fixed price. Then this method would work for you.

My strategy for picking these stocks are:

P/E 10-25, Consistent history of paying dividend, having enough cash to cover, taken beating down for no reason, paying 2-4%

Here are my 12 stocks for each month:

January:Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

Day’s Range: 76.0878.20
52wk Range: 72.32 – 101.38
Volume: 4,772,855
Avg Vol (3m): 6,587,240
Market Cap: 60.14B
P/E (ttm): 10.82
EPS (ttm): 7.17
Div & Yield: 2.88 (3.70%

February: Realty Income (O)

Day’s Range: 49.1850.43
52wk Range: 37.71 – 51.62
Volume: 2,663,042
Avg Vol (3m): 1,981,670
Market Cap: 11.21B
P/E (ttm): 51.20
EPS (ttm): 0.98
Div & Yield: 2.20 (4.40%)

March: Intel Corporation (INTC)

Day’s Range: 36.4037.10
52wk Range: 23.50 – 37.90
Volume: 21,207,898
Avg Vol (3m): 32,137,900
Market Cap: 177.69B
P/E (ttm): 17.50
EPS (ttm): 2.10
Div & Yield: 0.90 (2.60%

April: McCormick (MKC)

Day’s Range: 74.5975.72
52wk Range: 62.75 – 77.08
Volume: 375,321
Avg Vol (3m): 612,905
Market Cap: 9.64B
P/E (ttm): 23.45
EPS (ttm): 3.18
Div & Yield: 1.60 (2.20%

May: Procter & Gamble (PG) **I’m rethinking this one as P/E is getting up in the 25**

Day’s Range: 90.1291.18
52wk Range: 75.26 – 93.89
Volume: 4,870,516
Avg Vol (3m): 7,800,800
Market Cap: 243.87B
P/E (ttm): 24.64
EPS (ttm): 3.66
Div & Yield: 2.57 (2.90%

June: WisdomTree MidCap ETF (DON)

Yield : 3.08%

52wk Range: 70.58 – 85.27

5-year dividend growth rate: 27.0%

Last dividend increase: 39.1% in June 2014

Also pays in: Every month

Smaller and mid-sized companies have joined the rush to pay higher dividends and WisdomTree MidCap ETF (DON) is a convenient way to sample 400 of them, spanning the economy from utilities to REITs to energy to retail. The fund pays dividends each month, joining Realty Income as 12-time payers in this model portfolio

July: Kimberly and Clark (KMB)

Day’s Range: 115.52117.19
52wk Range: 99.23 – 118.83
Volume: 1,215,858
Avg Vol (3m): 1,760,520
Market Cap: 43.18B
P/E (ttm): 20.52
EPS (ttm): 5.65
Div & Yield: 3.36 (2.90%

August: Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc. (POT)

Day’s Range: 35.7036.52
52wk Range: 30.09 – 38.58
Volume: 3,249,520
Avg Vol (3m): 4,425,150
Market Cap: 29.81B
P/E (ttm): 22.53
EPS (ttm): 1.60
Div & Yield: 1.40 (4.00%)

September: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Day’s Range: 104.75106.50
52wk Range: 86.09 – 109.49
Volume: 7,360,176
Avg Vol (3m): 8,321,550
Market Cap: 293.74B
P/E (ttm): 17.38
EPS (ttm): 6.04
Div & Yield: 2.80 (2.70%)

October: Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) *** I’m also rethinking this one because P/E is 27

Day’s Range: 84.1185.19
52wk Range: 63.13 – 86.54
Volume: 1,388,631
Avg Vol (3m): 2,022,970
Market Cap: 40.74B
P/E (ttm): 27.54
EPS (ttm): 3.07
Div & Yield: 1.96 (2.40%)
Day’s Range: 84.1185.19
52wk Range: 63.13 – 86.54
Volume: 1,388,631
Avg Vol (3m): 2,022,970
Market Cap: 40.74B
P/E (ttm): 27.54
EPS (ttm): 3.07
Div & Yield: 1.96 (2.40%

November: General Dynamics Corporation (GD)

Day’s Range: 137.38139.51
52wk Range: 93.85 – 146.13
Volume: 3,032,676
Avg Vol (3m): 1,883,410
Market Cap: 46.11B
P/E (ttm): 20.67
EPS (ttm): 6.72
Div & Yield: 2.48 (1.80%

December: American Electric Power Co., Inc. (AEP)

Day’s Range: 61.1562.17
52wk Range: 46.27 – 63.22
Volume: 2,413,969
Avg Vol (3m): 2,747,830
Market Cap: 30.16B
P/E (ttm): 16.84
EPS (ttm): 3.66
Div & Yield: 2.12 (3.50%)

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